Quick Hits: A Dissapointing Loss

  • Really tough loss yesterday. Lack of execution was a big part. Tony Cruz not moving up on the failed squeeze, the failed squeeze in general, and Allen Craig not tagging up to tie the game (later scored anyway on a Molina single) all were reasons the Cardinals lost that game. You clean those areas up and a 5-3 loss turns into a 6-5 win.
  • It really is tough watching them play. The same things continue to ail them. They just aren’t playing good fundamental baseball. Blowing saves and making errors isn’t a product of too many injuries. The team that is on the field should be playing a whole lot better.
  • Why Jason Motte doesn’t at least try to develop an offspeed pitch is beyond me. I don’t care if he throws 200 mph, major leaguers will eventually catch up if that’s all you throw. He does mix in a cutter, but that’s not really off speed. If he brings a 99 mph fastball and then follows it up with an 85 mph curve or change-up, hitters would have a terrible time against him.
  • I still don’t understand why Mike Aldrete is the bench coach and Chris Maloney is the first base coach. The bench coach is suppose to be the manager’s right-hand-man. It would make much more sense to have Chris Maloney as bench coach since he has managerial experience at AAA.

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