Schumaker Out Six Weeks With Oblique Tear

On Monday the Cardinals got the news they were hoping not to hear. After an MRI, Skip Schumaker has an oblique tear and not just a strain. He is expected to be out 6 weeks.

Of course this is not good news, but if you want to find a bright spot in this, it does open up a roster spot. The fact that Schumaker was a do-it-all type of player means that there are many options for this open spot. It’s not like he’s just an outfielder that you’d have to replace with another outfielder,  Skip’s a utility player so this we’ll be interesting to see who fills his spot temporarily.

They could go with a veteran like Alex Cora. Cora has impressed the Cardinals thus far and they may side with him because of his experience especially since the Cardinals’ bench this year is expected to mainly filled with young players.

They could decide to go with an Adron Chambers or Erik Komatsu. Although Chambers showed a lot of potential in his short stint with the big league club last year, he has minor league options left, Komatsu doesn’t. Komatsu is a rule 5 draftee meaning he cannot be sent down without clearing waivers. If the Cardinals fear presumably “wasting” a rule 5 draft if Komatsu is claimed then he may get the spot. Not to mention, he’s having a pretty good Spring anyways.

Maybe they’ll go with a star prospect like Matt Adams or Matt Carpenter. Adams is a long shot, but he’s playing out of his mind this spring and could hit his way on to the team. Carpenter could be a good fit because he has versatility in that he can play multiple positions.

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